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WoW:Changes to Water Strider Mounts You Want to Know

gdpgold must be your best choice if you are looking for best place to buy wow gold. We can offer you 100% Cheap WoW Gold and wow gold for sale. Besides that, you can also get the latest World of Warcraft news here. What you can know today are epic pet battle stones and the changes to water strider mounts. Check more details from the following parts.

Epic pet battle stones were data mined in an update to the Legion alpha over a week ago by WoWhead. These stones would upgrade a battle pet to epic quality, increasing their statistics and introducing a new tier all pets would need to reach to be the strongest possible pets they could be. For many serious pet battle participants, that meant over 600 pets would need to be upgraded in addition to collecting any new pets available in the expansion.

Today, Blizzard employees announced that epic pet battle stones will not be introduced in Legion. Due to player feedback and concern, this form of vertical progression, adding more levels to pets or new tiers, was deemed too daunting since horizontal progression, adding more pets to find with new abilities, works much better for pet battling and collecting. The post on the official forums also mentions that pet battlers will likely see changes to the tamer battles in the future.

Fortunately for players who worked to unlock these mounts, Blizzard developers addressed player concern on the change and partially reverted water striders back to their current form. They would be able to walk on water again, but not in the upcoming Legion expansion content. The reason for the change was cited as a desire to let players use the mount they want instead of one that functions in a way that they feel is necessary according to the official developer forum post. After all, flight in Legion will be disabled until a future patch, even though it is a disappointing occurrence for a large group of World of Warcraft players. Walking on water could potentially help many players during their climb to the new level cap of 110, making it a bit quicker just like flying would if it were available.

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