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WoW: Legion Will Come with Level 100 Boost

I believe that all the players must be know Lemmy. Now, Blizzard Entertainment announces that Lemmy get to reach level 100. Besides that, Blizzard has also set the stage for revamping the franchise with another expansion, Legion. You can check the details from following parts. And if you want to buy Cheap WoW Gold, gdpgold.com is definitely a good choice. You can notice that our site is the best place to buy wow gold.

We all know that Blizzard has also set the stage for revamping the franchise with Legion. And it will be launched next year. At the same time, the publisher hopes to keep fans' interest alive, and gather some players it lost to titles in other genres, with additional treats and surprises. However, Blizzard Entertainment has announced pre-orders for the title, along with the additional perks and bonuses that early purchasers of the game can enjoy.

Beginners who pre-order "Legion" can get an instant boost to level 100 for any characters across all in-game realms. This is significant as WoW: Legion has a level cap of 110, and starting the game already 10 characters removed from the highest definitely will have its advantages. Even though Lemmy’s got to reach level 100, his archnemesis Krazzel Crashfuse schemes to get there first through a series of inventive machinations.

According to the interview of executive producer and senior vice president for World of Warcraft, we can know that the level 100 boost is a plus for those who want to try the game for the first time but don't want grinding to take up too much time.

Although WoW: Legion will be launched next year, Blizzard Entertainment often release news of WoW: Legion. We should be patient and wait for its coming. Our site will constantly share the related news with you. Besides that, fast cheap wow gold is available here. Our online customer services can help you if you have any question to Buy WoW Gold.

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