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WoW: Darkmoon Faire Is Coming Back

Hello, guys, nice to see you again in 2016. Hope you guys could constantly support gdpgold in 2016. You must be familiar with our site if you often search it. Our site is a professional site for WoW Gold. It is the safest place to buy wow gold here. We guarantee the safe and cheap wow gold. Our site is also a good choice if you want to know the latest World of Warcraft news at the first time. What I want to tell you for today is something about Bonus Event.

The holiday event offered up a number of daily quests, a few free presents, and an opportunity to loot the new Minion of Grumpus mount. December in World of Warcraft was defined by the Feast of Winter Veil and the potential it could bring. January, on the other hand, is a slower month for citizens of Azeroth.

Bonus Events during January will also give World of Warcraft players a chance to earn more Apexis Crystals, collect more Honor for battling in PvP Arena Skirmishes, and travel back to select Cataclysm dungeons with the Cataclysm Timewalking event. Each Bonus Event stays active for one week, giving players just enough time to complete the event's weekly quest.

The monthly return of the Darkmoon Faire is going on right now. Players can travel to Mulgore, near the Horde capital of Thunder Bluff, to find their portal to the fair while Alliance players can head to Goldshire outside of Stormwind. The Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft also provides players with a slew of daily quests in the form of fun carnival games. Darkmoon races, the pet battling Feasels, and much more await players on Darkmoon Island. Be sure to check out the faire before it leaves on January 10. The Darkmoon Faire will be back in February, too.

With the current expansion, Warlords of Draenor, complete and the next expansion still months away. Let's look forward to the new content. Keep your eyes on gdpgold so you can get the related news at the first time. Our site is definitely a good choice if you want to buy cheap wow gold. Our online customer services could help you if you have question to Buy WoW Gold.

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