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Would You Come Back to World of Warcraft With These Updates

World of Warcraft has been launched over 10 years by Blizzard, it attracted so many players, of course providing good time for them. Despite the passing of time, there are still over 7 million people actively playing the game. But would you want to come back if these updates were made? The details will be provided as below. And if you want to buy wow gold, feel free to check on our website as we can provide cheap wow gold here! 

World of Warcraft’s Elwynn Forest got a massive upgrade from modder Daniel Luchau this week. Sadly, it’s not playable — just a short video showing off what the Unreal Engine 4 is capable of in the hands of a very creative individual with access to the right assets.

World of Warcraft is known and loved for its artistic style, but it’s hard to argue that diving head-first into a world this brimming with life would turn many away. It also showcases the power of the new Unreal Engine and what a single dev is capable of within its work space. It’s also a change Blizzard may need to consider in the future. World of Warcraft’s subscriber rate has been declining by the millions since the Warlords of Draenor expansion was released; this may have just been the natural shake-out of things when you have fans returning just to test out new parts of a game. At 11 years, WoW has done amazingly well and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Would a complete overhaul of the landscape bring in new players while keeping the still millions of fans who play the game happy? That’s a topic for another debate.

Luchau admits he still has a way to go and plans to do more updates, including “more Elwynn-like” trees, shadows and water reflections, refining the wood texture, and more. He also hopes that when he has completed this round, he can offer the setting as a free download for virtual reality devices.

For more details, feel free to check on the official site, of course we will update for you as soon as we got any updates. By the way, If you want to know about wow gold for sale or get cheapest wow gold, we would like to refer our site, you can definitely get what you want here! 

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