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World or Warcraft: Pet Battle Bonus Event September 23-28

Pet Battle Bonus Event is coming, guys. According to the official news of Blizzard Entertainment, we can know that the Pet Battle Bonus Event runs from September 23rd through 28th. Which three pets will you take into PvP Pet Battles? Every player must have their own opinion. You can get the details of Pet Battle Bonus Event form the following parts. Our website also offers you Cheap WoW Gold. gdpgold.com is a safe site to buy wow gold

This weekend bonus event will help your pets gain extra experience while doing wild pet and trainer battles. You can level pets quickly to 25 by having a low-level pet get carried during Draenor Tamer battles--it will take one turn and two max-level pets will complete the encounter. It’s time to team up your mighty minions and test them on the field of battle! You should make sure to pick up the quest “The Very Best” before you charge forth with your lower-level charges. All you need do is queue up for PvP Pet Battles with a team of three level-25 pets and obtain five wins before the event ends.

Wowhead users have left great comments on pet tamer pages suggesting the best strategies for each pet challenge. If you are taking this weekend to get into pet battling, the Level 1 Menagerie is good building to have if you love pets! Please check out our guide to the Garrison Menagerie! Import your in-game pet team and see its strengths and weaknesses against pet tamers with our Battle Pet Team Calculator.

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