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World of Warcraft:Detailed Information of Legion Demon Hunter

Do you always pay attention to the news of World of Warcraft? If so, you can not miss gdpgold.com, which offers you the latest information of World of Warcraft at the first time. What's more, you can also Buy WoW Gold on our website. It is a safe way to buy wow gold at gdpgold.com. You must know the news of World of Warcraft expansion if you are a big fan of WoW. We knew the information of Blizzard next World of Warcraft expansion the form of Legion last week. You can know the detailed information of Legion Demon Hunter form the following parts. 

Players can set foot on a number of places in this new expansion. It also include a new continent called The Broken Isles. Other areas in the new expansion is Dalaran, which is a neutral capital city. Players can interact and socialize with each other even if they belong to different factions in Dalaran. 

According to the official news, we can know that the Demon Hunter class is only available for Night Elves and Blood Elves Blizzard claimed that it fits the fantasy and lore better. The class will be a hero class, meaning like the Death Knight,it will start out at a higher level than normal classes. 

Players will also be treated to a revamped player-versus-player honor system that gives them special talents solely designed for player-versus-player battles when they rank up. The expansion will also introduce a prestige option that will allow players to reset their rank and start over from the bottom again. 

There is no doubt that every fans of World of Warcraft are looking forward to the new expansion. Keep your eyes on gdpgold.com and you can get the news of Blizzard next World of Warcraft expansion at the first time. Don't forget Cheap WoW Gold is available on our website. gdpgold.com is best website to buy wow gold. You can contact with our on-line customer service if you have any question. 

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