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World of Warcraft: Ten Death Knights Defeat Current End-Boss

Have you every tried to defeat the current end-boss just with death knights. Recently Raegwyn and his friends were able to kill Blackhand on Heroic difficulty with only using death knights. You must be curious about this achievements. Here we would like to share some details with you. And if you want to know about wow gold for sale, our site will be a good choice for you.

Even though Blood Death Knights are tanks, their self-healing and their damage is good enough to survive and finish the fight in time. All ten are specced as tanks, but only one of them is tanking at the same time while the rest do damage. When the active tank is about to fall,they switch roles, and someone else takes care of the job and eats up the damage.

One of the players said that, ‘what made this boss so ridiculous awesome and difficult was that everyone could get any ability all the time! Normally tanks don’t get targeted by impale... for good reasons. But since we didn’t have dps or heals we all got it all the time. It’s impossible to assign ppl to do stuff when everything is completely random. This means you can get an impale and have to run behind the siegetank, while you are tanking the boss or kiting the siegetank, which is quite nuts. Or look what happened to me in the last phase. Mine then impale then taunt boss then another mine AND impale then another impale trololo. This boss really was nuts. It still went much smoother than expected due to my Deathnerds being awesome.’

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