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World of Warcraft: Something New in Patch 6.2 Hotfixes

Welcome to gdpgold.com, which is a good site for WoW Gold. You can buy wow gold cheap on our website. What’s more, you can know some World of Warcraft news at the first time on our website. Blizzard Entertaimnet had released Patch 6.2 hotfixes for a long time. Have you tried it? We can notice that there are many new hotfixes will be added to Patch 6.2. The following parts are the new hotfixes that I want to share with you. 

The first part is the new hotfixes that added on July 22. 

Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
Hellfire High Council
Fixed a situation where Mark of the Necromancer could stop dealing damage to players.

Winning events in Ashran should now always award a Dented Ashmaul Strongbox.
Etheralus, the Eternal Reward's absorption effect should now correctly factor in Multistrikes from Healing Stream Totem and Healing Tide Totem. Additionally, healing dealt by Spirit Link's health redistribution no longer counts towards the absorption effect.
Nithramus, the All-Seer's damage effect should now correctly factor in damage caused Prophecy of Fear's Doom Nova.
Prophecy of Fear's Doom Nova effect should no longer be incorrectly triggered by Sunfall.
Fixed an issue where Venom Rush could incorrectly persist indefinitely.
The following parts are the new hotfixes added on July 21. 

Tier-18 2-piece set bonus for Protection Paladins' Avenger's Reprieve effect no longer stacks and will refresh the duration of the effect instead.
Fixed an issue that caused Hammer of the Righteous to often hit the primary target twice instead of damaging one of the secondary targets.

Fixed an issue where the damage increase in a hotfix from June 26 for Repudiation of War was not working correctly.

Felhunter should now correctly require line-of-sight with its target to use the Spell Lock ability. Previously, it was incorrectly using line-of-sight with the Warlock instead.
Naval Missions
Black Market Journal: This naval mission should now have the correct blockade prerequisite for Barrier Sea.
Filling the Ranks: Tracking for progress towards completing the achievement should now be working correctly.

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