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World of Warcraft: Schedule of Blizzcon 2015 You Can Not Miss

Do you want to know the schedule of Blizzcon 2015? If so, congratulations to you that you come to the right place. You can get what you want at gdpgold.com, which is the best website to buy wow gold. You can Buy WoW Gold that can meet your requirements at bottom price here. Now, here is the information of Blizzcon 2015 schedule. You can get the details from the following parts.

According to the official news we can know that the official schedule pages have been updated and nabbed some images and all the details before they were taken down. World of Warcraft's next big expansion, Legion, is looking like the star of the show. An hour and a half long “World and Content Overview” presentation for Legion fills the much vaunted slot directly after the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony.

Three more panels and presentations forWorld of Warcraft will follow over the next 48 hours for a total of four and a half hours of Legiondelight. None of Blizzard’s other properties will command as much attention this BlizzCon. Not too surprising considering previous expansion Warlords of Draenor increased subscription rates by over 4 million users before peaking over 10 million.

It seems like WoW will be on top again, despite the expansion already having been announced. The extra-long panel immediately following the opening ceremony is always the "main event", and this time it's a deep dive on what Legion has to offer. It's an odd choice - there will be plenty of hardcore fans dying to see details on what Blizzard have planned, and Blizzcon has always been a mainly-WoW event, but casual viewers and mainstream media aren't going to be as interested.

Both Heroes of the Stormand StarCraft II will each have three events during the convention. Hearthstone and Blizzard's in-development shooter Overwatch come next with two events each. That leaves poor Diablo III with only a single “Dev Talk” panel at BlizzCon. Keep your eyes on gdpgold.com and you can get the latest news of Blizzcon 2015 at the first time. By the way, don't forget that you can buy wow gold for sale here. You can contact with our online customer services if you have any question to buy WoW Gold.

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