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World of Warcraft: Patch 6.2 Will Live This Week

As the recent information, the good news is that world of warcraft patch 6.2 will live in this week. Here we would like to share the major contents for you. And if you want to buy wow gold feel free to check and get via our website as we provide cheap wow gold here!

.Hellfire Citadel - The Hellfire Citadel in Tanaan Jungle awaits!
.World Boss - Kazzak is back, this time with a new title: Supreme Lord Kazzak!
.New Zone - Tanaan Jungle is a Timeless Isle style experience, with rare spawns and treasures, as well as faction hubs, bosses, and reputations.
.Legendary Ring Questline - Khadgar is back, asking you to complete Naval Missions and collect items from Hellfire Citadel.
.Mythic Dungeons - Harder dungeons with a weekly lockout, 685 gear, and bonus rolls.
.Garrison Shipyard - Fewer followers and less micromanagement in this garrison mission iteration.
.Campaign Rewards - Open to anyone with a Level 3 garrison, this will unlock your Shipyard and Tanaan.
.New Factions - Less endless mob grinding and better rewards than the Patch 6.0 factions.
.New Mounts - Boars, Wolves, PvP mounts, Fel themed mounts, and others are all up for grabs.
.Currency Changes - A new Bonus Roll currency, new mission currency, and Apexis Crystal improvements.
.Bonus Events - Weekend events that give a boost and reward to certain activities.
.Timewalker Dungeons - Scale down and run old dungeons during the Bonus Event for 660 gear. Mechanar not included.
.PvP Updates - Ashran has been improved again and a new PvP season begins soon.
.Professions - Epic gems, new crafting upgrades, and gathering professions are useful again.
.Character Model Updates - Slight tweaks to running animations and eyebrows.
.Darker Nights - The northern half of Kalimdor has become a little bit darker at night.
.New Heirlooms - New Heirloom rings and trinkets are available, as well as a few more Lightforge pieces.
.Naval Hats - A patch that adds a Shipyard wouldn't be complete without some new Naval hats.
.Pepe Costumes - Pepe is a ninja, pirate, knight, and Viking in this patch.
.New Battle Pets - Tanaan Jungle has new pets, including some legendary pets to battle.
.WoWDB - As always, we need your help collecting data from in game by installing the WoWDB addon.

Feel free to check on the official site if you want to know more details, we will also keep updating for you. By the way, to buy wow gold cheap and buy wow gold safe both are available on our website. Don’t forget to check if you need! 

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