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World of Warcraft: Patch 6.2 PTR Notes Revealed And Updates

Blizzard entertainment has released world of warcraft 6.2 PTR patch notes and some new updates. Many new changes will show in this patch, the major parts will be about Bonus Events, Pet Battles, Apexis, Draenor Dungeons. We will introduce more details for you. And our website is the best place to buy wow gold, don’t forget to check if you need wowgold.

Bonus Events System is rotating schedule of seven activities that provides World of Warcraft players bonus in for participating in certain activities. The rewards are significant and are linked to a once-per-event quest. The details for the Bonus Events including the time it will happen, and the kind of even they are, are given and can be seen in the in-game calendar and at the mini-map.

There are also mounts that are added in this World of Warcraft patch. One of those is the Felsteel Annihilator, it looks like Big Daddy from BioShock. This particular mount can only be obtained by slaying Archimonde and only in mythic mode. For sure, this mount might not necessarily be obtainable without help from guildmates or other stronger allies.

Some of the New WoW mounts are also discovered in-game, like the Corrupted Dreadwing. The Corrupted Dreadwing is a reward for qualifying in the Glory of the Hellfire Raider achievement. The Infernal Direwolf can also be bought for 150,000 Apexis. The Felblood Gronnling is also a reward from the Kaleiki The Boy Gladiator achievement. There are also PvP only mounts in Patch 6.2. These mounts are the Vicious War Kodo, and Vicious Mechanostrider.

World of Warcraft’s Patch 6.2 is currently available for testing on PTR. There are no exact dates for the release of the patch. The updates enumerated are also not final. We will keep updating more new progress for you. And cheap wow gold is available on our website. Feel free to check here!

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