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World of Warcraft: Patch 6.2 Hotfixes for July 10th

World of warcraft patch 6.2 as the newest patch attracted lots of attention, blizzard has released newest hotfixes for it. More details can be checked in this post. And if you are looking for the best site to buy wow gold, our website will be a good choice for you to get some cheap wow gold!

Creatures and NPCs
Tanaan Jungle
 .Savage Whale Shark should now drop 2 Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragments once a day for players on the eligible quest.
 .Varyx the Damned no longer requires the beams to be blocked to start the encounter.

Darkmoon Faire
 .Silas' Secret Stash: Fixed an issue where Silas' Secret Stash could not be interacted with.

Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
 .[Requires a realm restart] Sargerei Adjutant's Consuming Pain ability now deals 30% less damage.
 .[Requires a realm restart] Construct Peacekeeper's Protocol: Crowd Control ability now deals 30% less damage.
 .[Requires a realm restart] Sargerei Soul Cleaver's Devouring Spirit now scales with raid size.
 .Archimonde's Doomfire now deals 40% less damage on Mythic difficulty.
 .Hand of Purity now reduces the damage of Doomfire by 40% (down from 80%). Damage reduction against other abilities remain unchanged.
 .Shadowfel Burst should no longer sometimes cause the player to be ineligible for Shadowfel Burst.
 .Fixed an issue where players that were in the Twisting Nether when Archimonde is defeated would not see the cinematic.
 .Fixed an issue where players that leave the Twisting Nether could be unable to target players that didn't enter into the Twisting Nether with them.

 .Completing a Timewalking bonus event quest (A Frozen Path through Time and A Burning Path through Time) will now award a normal Iron Fleet Treasure Chest in addition to a Seal of Inevitable Fate.

 .Insignias of Dominance should now only trigger its effect while the character is in combat.
 .Champion's Honor should no longer allow players to use it if it'll put them over the Honor or weekly Conquest cap.
 .Cursed Feather of Ikzan is no longer Unique.
 .Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragments should now be slightly easier to obtain.

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