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World of Warcraft: News of Legion You Can Not Miss

Do you want to know where to buy wow gold safely? If so, you come to the right place. You can get safe wow gold at gdpgold.com. What's more, our website also offers you latest news of World of Warcraft. Personally I think, all the fans of WoW are looking forward to the Legion, which is the new expansion for World of Warcraft.

According to the official announcement, players could enjoy World of Warcraft because the new expansion will bring many new features. Besides that, you can experience the new continent named Broken Isles with the new expansion. This new continent has been invaded by the Burning Legion.

What all the game players concerned about is the certain time of releasing Legion. Actually, you can sign up for the beta of this new expansion currently. Beta is expected to kick off later this year but aside from that an official release date has yet to be revealed. According to the official news, Legion will be released in 2016 if Blizzard follows its standard two-year release cycle.

World of Warcraft: Legion new features. Due to the time travel aspects of last year's Warlords of Draenor, Legion is considered as the essentially Burning Crusade 2.0. The Burning Legion is invading poor little Azeroth, which needs to band together and save the world.

There is no doubt that we have to wait a long time to see the release of Legion. You should pay close attention to gdpgold.com if you want to know the latest news of Legion at the first time. Besides that, you can Buy WoW Gold from our website. You can get the cheapest wow gold at gdpgold.com. please contact with our online customer service if you have any question to buy wow gold online.

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