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World of Warcraft: Movie Director Duncan Shared More Secret Details

We all know that world of warcraft movie is on its way to the big screen, and the released date will be next June. Duncan Jones, as the director, sharing more details about world of warcraft movie, we will introduce the details as below. And if you want to buy wow gold online, feel free to check on our site as we can provide cheap wow gold here.

First is that while there's already a lot of special effects, Jone's tried to keep world of warcraft movie as real as possible. Jones said that they have tried to do a lot of large-in camera sets so that they would have an actual reality to build the film with.

Second is that the orcs were inspired by the Hulk. Jones said that the orcs feel like they have the same genetic background as the Hulk. Also, Blizzard made the concept art for the film. "We worked very closely with Blizzard on the visualization of those characters," Jones says. "We tried to stay as honest to that as possible."

What's more, sometimes actors also had to sit on makeshift rocking horses and pretend they were wolves. Jones then said that there's just lots of moments like that where you're doing things that are just extraordinarily silly when you look at them objectively.

Of course after the first, there will always be something that will continue the legacy. Jones said that there might be a second Warcraft. Some other rumors say that it will be a trilogy.

For world of warcraft movie,we will keep updating any further news for you as soon as we got that. Let’s look forward to the movie together. And don’t forget to focus on our website if you need wow gold, here will be a good choice for you to buy safe wow gold.

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