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World of Warcraft: Legion Will Be Release on September 2016

Attention, guys, Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft: Legion would be released on Sept. 21, 2016. Besides that, we can know that the Legion Pre-Order Up Now for $49.99 according to the official announcement. Do you want to know the details? If so, the following parts can show you what you want to know. By the way, you must know that gdpgold.com is a good site for Cheap WoW Gold if you often search it. It is safe to buy wow gold here.

With the Tomb of Sargeras reopened in this season, legion will face Azeroth emerging as new threat. The demons are laying waste in the world with a sole aim of destroying Azeroth. They summon as the Dark Titan to accomplish this task. Tom's Hardware noted that the the highly acclaimed developer of the massive multiplayer online (MMO) fantasy adventure title for Windows PC and Mac has now put up the pre-order page for the game's third expansion pack with special pre-order items, bonuses, and early access to the new Demon Hunter class.  

Blizzard lead designer Ion Hazzikostas announced its plans to change the structure of how leveling will be played out in World of Warcraft Legion during the panel at BlizzCon. In additon, new playable class and a number of new zones will be included in the game. Demon Hunter is a new game in class included in the Legion series. Demon hunters are a team if eleven members focused towards protecting the powers of Legion. They rely on their sight they receive through magical powers and this lets them to even see enemies who are hiding.

No matter what, we get the certain date of the World of Warcraft: Legion releasement. Just be patient and wait for its coming. gdpgold.com will constantly update the related news at the first time. Don't forget there are wow gold for sale on our site. You can get safe WoW Gold online at bottom price here. Our online customer services can help you if you have any question to Buy WoW Gold.

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