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World of Warcraft: Legion PvP Preview You Can't Miss

Attention please, you can get World of Warcraft: Legion PvP Preview here. According to the official site we can know there are a lot of exciting changes in Legion PvP. The following parts can show you the details. By the way, cheap wow gold for sale is also available here. Our site can offer you the Cheap WoW Gold and it is a safe way to buy wow gold here.

In Legion, players will no longer use Honor and Conquest as PvP currencies. Instead, characters who have reached maximum level will earn Honor Points from competing in Battlegrounds or Arenas, similar to how lower-level players earn Experience Points. You can increase your Honor Level if you get Honor Points. The maximum Honor Level you can get is 50.

Characters in PvP areas will have a base statline that is slightly increased based on their average item level. Each point contributes to a 0.1% increase, so 100 item levels is worth only 10% stats. A newly max level character and one that has been there for some time won't even have a difference that large, so it will always be negligable. Trinkets, set bonuses and the like will also all be disabled when engaging in PvP.

Honor Talents are a special set of Talents that are only active when a player is in a PvP instance or otherwise engaged in PvP combat, and work in addition to your normal Talents. As the player's Honor Level increases, they can unlock new PvP-specific talents like the Wild Protector talent for Beast Mastery Hunters. This talent lets the Hunter's Dire Beasts protect nearby allies with a 15 percent damage reduction to those within five yards of the pets.

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