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World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha Comes Back Online

Attention please, guys. World of Warcraft: Legion alpha comes back now. Players can participate the test in Legion alpha again. You can get the details at gdpgold, which is the safest place to buy wow gold. Cheap WoW Gold is available here. You can buy wow gold fast and buy safe wow gold at gdpgold.

World of Warcraft: Legion alpha back online after a holiday break. The Val’Sharah zone, the Darkheart Thicket dungeon, the Shaman Order Halls, and a handful of currently unlocked specializations are now accessible in the World of Warcraft alpha. Besides that, a high-level character template is available to get started right away. However, others features of the expansion are still unlocked now.  

Besides that, players can now test new abilities and talents for Vengeance Demon Hunters, Guardian and Restoration Druids, Marksmanship Hunters, Discipline Priests, and Elemental and Enhancement Shamans. Blizzard developers even put together a handy World of Warcraft graphic for the alpha's new additions. Don’t be upset if you can’t access into Legion alpha. You can also enjoy the wealth of information provided by the alpha.

What's more, New mounts, new pets, tier 19 armor, new models, and much more are already uncovered from the alpha client. Popular database website WoWhead is quick to reveal what the latest Legion alpha can tell players about the upcoming expansion. An adorable fox mount, a giant rat mount, and seemingly a fish mount are all part of the latest World of Warcraft alpha client. A new corgi model and spectral versions of a bunny and a hippo are also included, however, it's unclear if these are obtainable battle pets at this time.

I believe that many players must be very excited when they know Legion alpha comes back now. In addition, some features are still unlock right now. Be patient and look forward the official announcement. gdpgold will also update the related news for you at the first time. In addition, our site also offer you wow gold for sale. As a professional site for WoW Gold, we guarantee the safe and fast delivery. Our online customer services can help you if you have any question to Buy WoW Gold.

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