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World of Warcraft: Legion & Movie Trail Were Released on Blizzcon 2015

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The most exciting news is that Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft movie first trailer on Blizzcon 2015. Legion was announced in August, and as the title implies will see the return of The Burning Legion, which is not at all happy about going 0-for-2 in its previous invasions of Azeroth. It will add a new continent to the game called The Broken Isles along with new dungeons, raids, and other content, and kick the level cap up to 110.

What’s more, World of Warcraft: Legion introduces zones that scale in level. Blizzard is changing the structure of how leveling plays out in the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion expansion. The biggest change in Legion is that rather than sending players along a direct path from zone to zone, this expansion's leveling zones will scale based on the character's level.

As hinted at in the Legion reveal video, the demon hunter intro will involve Illidan, the legendary demon hunter who was once a major villain in Warcraft lore. In the opening moments, Illidan will take a group of demon hunters, including the player character, and pull them through a portal to a demon-infested planet. New demon hunters will begin at level 98 and end the intro experience at level 100, but this process will allow them to slowly unlock and learn each of their skills rather than just starting with everything. Demon hunters will also unlock a special epic mount, the felsaber, during the invasion of Mardum.

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