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World of Warcraft: Latest News Draenor Dungeons You Want to Know

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Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance have a new weekly bonus to enjoy this week in World of Warcraft. Last week, players were tasked with earning bonus honor in player versus player battlegrounds. This week, though, players will have to delve into Draenor’s dungeons for bonus reputation and an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest during the Draenor Dungeons Bonus Event. According to the official site of World of Warcraft, we can know that the event will end on September 21.

World of Warcraft players willing to participate in the bonus dungeon event can also pick up the weekly quest “Emissary of War” in their garrisons. This quest requires players to complete four Mythic dungeons to receive an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest which contains a random piece of Heroic Hellfire Citadel gear. The Grinning Reaver mount only available from the World of Warcraft store is now half off its normal price.

What's more, Blizzard released new hotfix updates to “World of Warcraft” Patch 6.2.2a “Fury of Hellfire” on Tuesday. This includes fixing a few issues with dwarf warriors, Hellfire Citadel’s Archimonde and bugs in some Archaeology dig sites. Blizzard also mentioned that most of the updates will be made automatically, while some may require a realm restart before they go into effect.

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