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World Of Warcraft: How Itemization Will Work in Patch 6.2

There are lots of changes and updates added to world of warcraft new patch 6.2. We have introduced the details and the reason for you. Now Blizzard entertainment has released the post about how itemization work in patch 6.2. We are here to share the details with you. If you want to know how to buy wow gold safely, we want to refer our site to you. Feel free to check here!

The major points about the itemization will include the personal loot, secondary stats and item level revamp. The details are updated as below:

Personal Loot
- Personal Loot will now calculate how many raid members receive drops on a group-wide, rather than individual, basis. Groups will receive a more predictable amount of drops, and set items will now reliably drop in Personal Loot.
- Personal Loot's overall rate of reward has been increased to offset the inability to redistribute it.
- The Personal Loot UI has been overhauled so that party and raid members will see your loot rewards.
- All of these improvements are coming to Hellfire Citadel, as well as all Draenor dungeons (including the new Mythic dungeons).

Secondary Stats
- A 'wider range' of secondary stat values will exist on Hellfire Citadel Loot, to help make items stronger for individual classes/specs and curb the 'just equip the highest Item Level item' mentality.
Item Level Revamp
- The Item Level of drops from bosses increases as players progress deeper into the zone (Hellfire Citadel).

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