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World of Warcraft: Fury of Hellfire Will Arrive Jun 23 for Patch 6.2

With the upcoming patch 6.2 for world of warcraft, we have introduced many new features and updated added to this new patch. And today we would like to introduce a new update for you about the Fury Hellfire. If you want to buy wow gold, our website will be the best choice for you to get cheap wow gold. Feel free to check here!

Blizzard has released a blue post for the Fury of Hellfire, the details will be provided as below:

Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire is almost here! On Tuesday, June 23 players will be able to build their Garrison Shipyard and venture into Tanaan Jungle to face Gul’dan and the twisted remnants of the Iron Horde. Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic modes will also be available for those who are brave enough to confront the dangers within.

Check out the official trailer below:
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