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World of Warcraft: Another MMO Sequel Will Be Released Soon

You must know World of Warcraft's sixth expansion if you are a big fan of World of Warcraft. According to the official announcement of Blizzard Entertainment, we can know that the new expansion called Legion. World of Warcraft expansions are often leaked right before their official announcement usually due to trademarks or other avenues. Recently, the Blizzard Entertainment announces that they will release another  MMO sequel. You can get the detailed information from gdpgold.com, which is a good site for WoW Gold

According to the the interview of the developer of WoW, we can know that Blizzard is not ready to create a sequel as they are prone to a very weak start and takes forever to develop. In addition, there is really no actual protocol in making sure an MMO sequel will be successful and Blizzard goes by that warning. Blizzard is still committed in bringing engaging "World of Warcraft" to its fans even though it have no particular plans about creating an MMO sequel.

We can know World of WarCraft has immensely lost massive numbers of subscribers from a report. Given the numbers, speculations have been surrounding the development of the game and the possibility of being supplemented by the few who remain avid fans of the game. World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Warlords of Draenor is at the end of its cycle with the final raid being implemented and open to all. 

The expansion is quite controversial considering how garrisons function, the quantity and quality of post-launch patches, and the lack of flying in the expansion area. The special feature of this expansion is that the MMOSITE revealed that "World of WarCrafts" will have Draenor flying in a new patch created within the game. Patch 6.2.2 also has special instructions on how launch the Draenor, take note that before you can get a hand of the Draenor flying, there will be other challenges that will eventually lead you to it. 

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