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World of Warcraft Will Get “Legion” During BlizzCon 2015

There is no doubt that all the World of Warcraft players are paying close attention to BlizzCon 2015 recently. According to the official news we can know that BlizzCon 2015 will be held on November 6 and 7. Besides that, “World of Warcraft” will get its latest expansion -- “Legion” during the upcoming BlizzCon 2015. You can get the latest Legion news from the following parts. By the way, our site is the safest place to buy wow gold. You can not miss gdpgold.com if you want to get Cheap WoW Gold.

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment announced that it has made no secret to its desire to expand the role and importance of dungeons in “World of Warcraft” as they move full speed ahead toward “Legion.” The company added that they look forward to sharing more of its plans to gamers and fans during the BlizzCon 2015, details Venture Capital Post.

The Blizzard Entertainment executive also said that the Demon Hunters will have a short transformation with inner demon visuals and will be the only class in the game capable of wielding glaives. It added that the double jump ability of the class will not be disabled anywhere either.

What's more, Patch 6.2.3 will be coming before November 6. Blizzard said in a statement that they've heard from many players that they wanted more reasons to run dungeons in Warlords, so they are giving just that through the small patch aimed at reinforcing the reward systems around the existing dungeons, as well as expanding the scope of the Timewalking feature that was introduced in Patch 6.2.

The release of Warlords of Draenor seemed to bring the game back to life, but only for a short period of time. World of Warcraft might finally come back With Legion. It is not necessarily about the dungeons, which Blizzard promised to make more important, but it might actually be because of the story and its power to keep a player focused and determined.

You can know the details of Legion on BlizzCon 2015. I believe that all the World of Warcraft players must be excited when they know this news. When more details are released, gdgold.com will be sure to post an update. So remember to keep your eyes on our site. In addition, you can get safe WoW Gold that can meet your requirements at bottom price here. Please contact with our online customer services if you have any question to Buy WoW Gold.

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