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World of Warcraft Players Feel Upset about No Flying Mounts

Blizzard confirmed that flying mounts will not happen in warlords of Draneor several days ago, but most players are not satisfied with this decision, and they have discussed in the world of warcraft forum, and want to cancel the subscriptions with Blizzard. For more details you can check below, and if you want to know where to buy wow gold safely and how to buy wow gold safely, our website will be a good choice for you. 

Many players are angered that Blizzard will not include the flying amounts feature in the current expansion. Some believe that this decision by Blizzard will lead to a mass exodus of players from the game, blizzard also lost 3 million players in this year. 

The argument of these players are basically claiming that with flying, they get to explore new areas that they could not before. In fact there used to be quests in the game that could only be completed by having a flying mount. Let’s not forget there are also plenty of players who have spent countless hours farming for rare flying mounts only to not be able to use them as intended (at least as far as Warlords of Draenor zones are concerned).

On the flipside, there are gamers who are perfectly fine with no flying. In fact some claim that this allowed them to enjoy the game more as it did not allow them to simply fly over more difficult zones, which is actually one of the justifications Blizzard made. 

So how do you think about no flying amounts in warlords of Draenor? Do you agree that Blizzard will lose more players or this is a really bad decision? As a player, will you be fine to play without this features? Welcome to share your idea with us and you can also join in the forum. We will keep update for you if there is any update. By the way, wow gold is available on our website. If you want to have some cheap wow gold, our website will be a good choice for you.

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