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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Newest Hotfixes for July 20

Patch 6.2 as the newest update for World of Warcraft provides lots of new changes for players. Recently Blizzard entertainment released more hotfixes for this patch. We would like to provide the details for you. And if you need to buy wow gold, our website can provide cheap wow gold for sale.

Class Tuning Change

  .Fixed a number of issues with Sacred Draenic Incense for Mistweavers where it would benefit twice from effects which increase healing taken, and could bypass area-of-effect healing caps.
 Armor Sets
  .Tier-18 4-piece set bonus for Discipline Priests now targets friendly targets to heal with the greatest % of missing health instead of current health. For example, the heal now prioritizes a player with 350k/500k instead of a player with 300k/300k health.
  .Fixed an issue with Maelstrom Weapon that caused Healing Surge combined with the Tier-18 4-piece set bonus to heal for more than the intended amount.
 Garrison Campaign
  .High Overlord Saurfang and Muradin Bronzebeard in the player's Garrisons now have chance to offer the Hellfire Citadel weekly raid quest when eligible.
  .Ruined Construct: Jewelcrafters in a raid group should no longer see an option to insert 1000 Apexis Crystals into the Apexis Gemcutter Construct.
Creatures and NPCs
 Tanaan Jungle
  .Fixed an issue that could cause the demon invasion leading to Painmistress Selora appearing to not work correctly.

  .Ancient Artifact should now only appear when there are more than 20 players per team in the battle, and the item now has a respawn timer.
 .Prophecy of Fear's visual effect for Doom Nova is now more subdued.
Bug Fixes
 .Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause the client to crash while loading into an Arena.
 .Fixed an issue where players were unable to queue for Pet Battles through the Pet Journal while in Tanaan Jungle.
 .Fixed an issue where players were unable to queue as a party for Timewalking dungeons if one of the party members had already completed the Timewalking Bonus Event quest.

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