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World of Warcraft New Lore Book Is on The Way to Show Azeroth

What we would like to introduce for today is about the Brand new 'Warcraft' lore book. It will show players the part of Azeroth which has not been seen before. More details will be introduced as below. And if you need wow gold, our website can provide cheap wow gold us!

Recently, Blizzard's senior vice president of story Chris Metzen has revealed that they are going to release a new book that depicts the history of Azeroth. Lore is very important in world of warcraft universe.

According to Game Espresso, Blizzard just recently unveiled the latest book lore for the game "Warcraft." It is said that the story is going to take place in the past, much further than what fans are imagining. Metzen has described the timeline of the next book, titled as "Warcraft Chronicles: Vol. 1" and said, it tells the story "from the creation of the Warcraft universe all the way up until the story of The Last Guardian, which is essentially the story of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans."

"What's really fun about doing the Chronicle project is trying to take that holistic audit of our first ideas all the way to the now," Metzen said in the video via GameSpot. He also added, "you can read through this thing and go, 'Oh I get it; I get how this begat this, and then this came from here, and this turn in history happened because of these three things. I never saw that before.'"

As for who will be the artist for the upcoming graphic novel, Game Espresso has reported that, Peter Lee has been given the task to create the artwork of the book.

About the detail released date about this, players can head over the official site. Of course we will keep updating the further information as soon as we got it. To buy wow gold still is available on our website. Welcome to check and get wow gold cheap and fast!

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