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World of Warcraft Legion Alpha Test Begins Now

Hey, guys, World Of Warcraft: Legion's Alpha Test is available now. I believe that many players must be excited when they know this news. It is our pleasure to share this news with you. You can check the details from the following parts. Our site not only offers the latest World of Warcraft news but also offers you cheap wow gold. gdpgold.com is a professional site for WoW Gold and it is a safe way to buy wow gold here.

The alpha testing for World of Warcraft's new expansion Legion begins now. However, it is only available for the first Demon Hunter Zone. Players who join the test can only play Mardum and Vault of the Elders, two parts of the starting experience for the new Demon Hunter class. Furthermore, the Mac version isn't available for the initial alpha build.

You can download the client which is 26GB in size if you have received the invite for Alpha testing. You'll still be able to see gameplay footage from the test. There's no non-disclosure agreement in place so all alpha testers are free to share video, screenshots and information about Legion. However, you should keep in mind that Alpha doesn’t fully represent the final game so you may notice many changes when the expansion finally hits World of Warcraft.

As we all know that WoW's transmogrification system is a feature that allows players to alter the appearance of their gear would get a complete revamp in Legion and now, that selected players can access the very early alpha of the expansion. Legion’s patch 7.0 will introduce a wardrobe tab. In addition, it is the very first public build and it's a long way to go until the release.

I believe that many players want to join the World Of Warcraft: Legion's Alpha Test. What about you? Don't be upset if you don't have the chance to join the test. gdpgold.com can offer you the related news at the first time. By the way, best wow gold is also available here. You can get buy safe wow gold here. Our online customer services can help you if you have questions to Buy WoW Gold.

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