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World of Warcraft Elwynn Forest And Westfall in Unreal Engine 4 Is Great

World of warcraft has lasted for about ten years, players and world of warcraft developers hope it will last for longer time. Recently Blizzard entertainment has released the details about Westfall in Unreal Engine 4. We would like to share the information for you. And if you need wow gold, feel free to check on our site as you can get cheap wow gold here!

Blizzard wants World of Warcraft to live for another ten years, so it's safe to assume the studio won't rebuild the MMO from scratch, if that's even possible. That's fine, but computer graphics have advanced enormously since 2004, and none of Blizzard's iterative graphical improvements could hope to compete with, say, an open world RPG running in Unreal Engine 4. 

Thankfully YouTube user Daniel L (aka Daniel Luchau) has painstakingly recreated WoW's Westfall area in UE4. The video above is a virtual tour of the region (sans NPCs and players) with dynamic lighting and shadows. According to the video description Luchau pulled textures from CGtextures.com and Unreal demos, but also extracted some models direct from the source material.

This isn't the first of Luchau's UE4 videos: he also recreated and filmed the Elwynn Forest area. Eventually he'd like to release the builds to VR platforms, which is very exciting indeed.

If you want to know related information about Elwynn Forest And Westfall can check on the official site. Of course we will keep updating for you. By the way, if you want to buy wow gold online, our website definitely will be a good choice for you to get cheapest wow gold!

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