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World of Warcraft : Hotfixes of Patch 6.2.2 You Should Know

Have you tried World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2? what do you think about this new patch? Many players notice that there are various issues of new patch. From the Blizzard Entertainment official site we can get a list Patch 6.2.2 Hotfixes. You can also get the brief information from gdpgold.com, which is a good site to buy wow gold online. Our website offers you Cheap WoW Gold that can meet your requirements. 

September 8
[Requires a realm restart] Horde characters that have unlocked the carrier for their Shipyards should now be able to visit the carrier without having it phase out.
Fixed an issue where Frigid Timewarped Prism incorrectly required an account to be flagged for Warlords of Draenor to start or complete the quest, The Unstable Prism.
Mercenary Mode
Fixed an issue where the score board would incorrectly display a character's original race.
Bug Fix
Fixed an issue where newly created Goblin and Worgen characters were incorrectly receiving their racial abilities instead of learning them through the starting experience.

September 4
Raids and Dungeons
Fixed an issue where the loot tables for Gal'darah and Eck the Ferocious got swapped while Timewalking.
Fixed an issue where players were not transforming correctly into the opposite faction in Mercenary Mode.
Players with the Mercenary Contract effect should now be able to use faction mounts while in an Arena Skirmish, Rated Arena match, or Rated Battleground.
Fixed an issue where Rated Battleground faction auras were incorrectly applied while in the Arena.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where some characters were unable to complete bonus objectives.

September 2
Winning an Arena Skirmish match now award 40 Honor Points and 25 Conquest Points (up from 20 Honor Points). Skirmishes continue to award bonus Honor if a match goes on for an extended period of time.
Mercenary Mode is now only available to level-100 characters.
Bug Fixes
A number of Gnomish NPCs should no longer be unfashionably early in dressing up for Feast of Winter Veil.
Fixed an issue with a patch of ocean between Tanaan Jungle and Ashran that could cause characters to disconnect if they fly or swim over it.

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