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Why Many Changes added to World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

At some earlier time we have introduced the new changes and updates on world of warcraft patch 6.2, this patch will be the next major one for world of warcraft. Before launching blizzard has provided the reasons why adding these changes, here we will share the details with you. And if you want to get cheap wow gold and fast wow gold, on our website you can definitely get what you want!

Personal loot will change a little with patch 6.2, the changes are to meet certain goals for personal loot, like making the system more rewarding, more consistent, and more competitive with the group loot setting. Not to mention, the developer wants personal loot to be celebrated among the group rather than it being a completely private ordeal.

The reason is that groups will receive a much more predictable number of drops when they defeat a boss. In addition, set items will reliably drop in Personal Loot, just like they do in Group Loot today. The end result is that groups using Personal Loot will acquire their 2- and 4-piece set bonuses at around the same time as groups using Group Loot acquire theirs

Another change to itemization is the way item levels progress on gear through different content. First, it feels good to get higher-level items as you progress through a zone. One of the more prominent pieces of feedback Blizzard got about Blackrock Foundry was that it felt unrewarding for challenging bosses like Iron Maidens to drop loot that was just as good as—or possibly worse than—Gruul’ s.

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