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Warlords of Draenor Arena And Battleground Season 2 Will Start

Blizzard entertainment announced World of Draenor PVP season 2 is coming, some new adjustments will be added to this. We would introduce more details with you. And if you need wow gold, feel free to check on our website as we can provide cheap wow gold here!

In the latest season, players who can complete the weekly Ashran Dominance quest -- and win in the Rated Battlegrounds -- will now receive a random piece of PvP iLvl 730 Conquest gear.

The PvP iLevel (iLvl) of the Honor and Conquest gear also has been increased. Now, all gear scales up to iLvl 690. The Wild Gladiator gear is iLvl 730 while the Wild Combatant gear is iLvl 715. As for the Wild Aspirant gear, it is iLvl 700. For those with any Player versus Environment (PvE) gear over iLvl 715, keep in mind that it will now be scaled down to iLvl 715.

Members of the "World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor" community have expressed their excitement for the "Warlords of Draenor Arena and Battleground" Season 2. One member who goes by the username Bairon wishes everyone luck for this season. "I wish the best of luck to everyone this season. It will once again be a long and hard road for us all, but a path we are willing to take to be the best," Bairon posted in the Comments section of the Battle.net report.

Meanwhile, a member of the community with the username Moonfiya doesn't share Bairon's excitement for the new season. Moonfiya thinks that "Warlords of Draenor" is the worst expansion for PvP. As for username Westcoastsav, he echoes Moonfiya's sentiments that the game is not fun to play if you are part of the Horde faction. Westcoastsav even threatened to end his subscription if it's not fixed this month.

We will keep updating more further information for you. And you can also check on the official site for the details. By the way, we can provide wow gold buy via our website and here you can buy cheapest wow gold!  

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