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The Latest World of Warcraft: Legion News You Want to Know

I believe all the WoW fans are waiting for World of Warcraft: Legion's coming. Blizzard Entertainment announced that they would release World of Warcraft: Legion this summer. Keep your eyes on gdpgold and you can get the latest news at the first time. By the way, our site is also a professional site for WoW Gold.

We know the level cap will be going up. We know there will be new lands to explore. And we know that a plot twist will bring back Illidan Stormrage, the main antagonist of 2007's Burning Crusade expansion, long thought dead at the hands of the players themselves. But whose side will Illidan be on upon his return? Blizzard has heavily hinted that players will be working with rather than against Illidan; the game will even be getting a new demon hunter class based around the iconic character.

However, Illidan is, historically, an anti-hero of sorts. He often does things for the right reasons but in the wrong ways, which led to him eventually fully embracing his role as a bad guy. If a new World of Warcraft novel is to be believed, that could be changed with Legion. Over on the MMO Champion forums, user Pothemus got a hold of an early copy of Illidan: World of Warcraft, a novel set in the game's universe that will be releasing officially next week. Keep in mind that this post (as with Pothemus') will contain spoilers for the book. The novel deals with Illidan's movements following the events of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

It reveals how Illidan created his faction of demon hunters, and how he fought back against the Warcraft universe's cosmic bad guys, the Burning Legion. It also lays down a set canon for the events of World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade expansion, up to and including a raid group of Alliance and Horde heroes crashing uninvited into Illidan's temple and taking him out.

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