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The Artifact Fishing Pole in WoW:Legion

You must be familiar with gdpgold if you often Buy WoW Gold. We can offer you wow gold for sale. It is the safest site to buy cheap wow gold here. Besides that, we also offer you the latest World of Warcraft news. What I want to share with you for today is the artifact fishing pole in WoW:Legion. You can get the details from the following parts.

The upcoming Legion expansion is pegged to bring about some new changes to the world, many of which I'm pretty excited about. While Blizzard was hard at work on the other big changes, they apparently paid some attention to the most boring aspect of the game.

One of the biggest new features of Legion will be powerful Artifact Weapons that we can level up and modify, and each class and specialization will have its own weapon. Adding an extra fishing pole using the same mechanics certainly sounds like a good idea.

These weapons will be the only ones that drop in the new expansion, and they will be class and spec-specific. The weapons will level up with you, as you play, and will have their own traits and abilities. That's mostly because fishing in WoW is one of the most tedious things to do.  

It's slow, boring, and besides catching a few cool rare items, it doesn't really have any purpose. But most WoW players are completionists, care about achievements and mounts, so they level up fishing anyway. Fishing is the only secondary profession where a piece of equipment is required to do the job, but still, maybe Archaeology would be a lot more fun with something similar.

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