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Several New Factions of Tanaan Jungle in World of Warcraft

Blizzard will add Tanaan Jungle and some other features in patch 6.2 for world of warcraft, We have introduced these new features to you before. Today we would like to share four new factions for Tanaan Jungle with you. And if you want to get wow gold cheap and fast or safe wow gold, feel free to check via our website. 

Hand of the Prophet (Alliance only) and Vol’jin’s Headhunters (Horde only) – Most of their reputation will come from the daily quests. As the rewards you’ll get a tabard, pets, mounts, toys, ship blueprints, a new follower, and a new battle standard. The unique item and the most useful one is the agreement with Arakkoa Outcasts. This BoP item will allow you to increase your Garrison resource cache to 1000, up from 500, and it costs only 2.500 gold.

The Saberstalkers – The quartermaster is north of  Fang’rila and he will sell a couple of items for a new currency, the Blackfang Claws. You can farm reputation and claws from the saberons around that area. You’ll get about 25 reputation per kill and a couple of claws. As their rewards, you’ll get a boar mount, a pet, a follower, and some totems you can use to challenge some special mobs around that area. Those mobs might give you some reputation as well. They also sell a BoP item that will increase the mount speed by 15% in Tanaan Jungle.

The Order of the Awakened – Reputation will come from repeatable quests (these quests are really rare these days) that will ask you to find the treasures and the rare mobs located in Tanaan Jungle. The quests will also reward you with Apexis Crystals. They also sell the tokens for the 650 items that will help you gear up your alts and catch up with the gear in WoD. You can purchase a 650 iLvl gear token for 5000 Apexis Crystals and a 650 iLvl weapon for 10.000 Apexis Crystals. For 20.000 Crystals you can upgrade each of those items to iLvl 695. Another vendor will sell you the usual rewards: the tabard, a pet, a follower, ships for your shipyard, and a mount for 150.000 Crystals. 

What do you think about these new factions? Feel free to share your ideas with us. We will keep updating more further news for you. And if you want to buy wow gold, we will refer our site as we provide cheap wow gold here!

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