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Players Will Be Able to Use Flying Mounts In Warlords of Draenor

At some earlier time, we have introduced that flying amounts will not be included in Warlords of Draenor, many players feel really upset about this decision, but recently Blizzard has found perfect solution to solve this. We would like to share more details with you. And cheap wow gold is available on our website. If you want to buy wow gold, remember to check and buy with us.

Fist we need to share you the good news: eventually, players will be able to use flying mounts in Draenor. You’ll be able to spread your wings and fly on a dragon or a robot or a different dragon or a different robot. Also, monsters. There’s no exact date, but it’s coming in “the near future.” Originally Blizzard was planning to keep players’ wings clipped permanently, as they felt that flying mounts discouraged people from exploring and enjoying the game’s lovingly crafted war worlds.

But players have to earn license to danger zone by exploring on foot. A lot, the details are released by Blizzard:
In an upcoming Public Test Realm build, we will be introducing a new meta-achievement called Draenor Pathfinder. You’ll earn this achievement in Patch 6.2 by mastering the outdoor environment of Draenor—exploring Draenor’s zones, collecting 100 treasures in Draenor, completing the Draenor Loremaster and Securing Draenor achievements, and raising the three new Tanaan Jungle reputations to Revered. Initially, this achievement will award a rylak mount: the Soaring Skyterror, one of the native beasts that roam Draenor’s skies. Players will remain ground-bound on Draenor until a small follow-up patch (6.2.x), when all players who have earned Draenor Pathfinder on at least one character will unlock the ability to fly in Draenor on all their level 90+ characters.”

“We believe this strikes the right balance between ensuring ground-based content lives up to its full potential, while providing players who’ve already fully experienced Draenor’s outdoor world extra freedom to ‘break the rules.’ This also provides a general blueprint going forward for content to come. Players will explore new and undiscovered lands from the ground, and then once they’ve fully mastered those environments—a notion that continues to evolve with each new expansion—they can take to the skies and experience the world from a new vantage point.”

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