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Players Can't Get Gold in World of Warcraft Alpha Any More

As we all know that World of Warcraft:Legion will be launched this summer. Besides that, Warlords of Draenor also will be completed at that time. Then, players could catch up on old goals or managing their garrisons. However, “World of Warcraft” alpha removes gold from garrison missions. You can check more details from the following parts. By the way, gdpgold is a professional site for WoW Gold. We can offer you Cheap WoW Gold and wow gold for sale.

Players can generate a fair amount of gold with one or many characters that utilize the garrison and its inn, for the Alliance, or tavern, for the Horde. Having this type of building unlocks profitable treasure missions if a certain achievement is earned on the account. After the initial investment of building a garrison to tier three and buying the plans for the building, players start to recoup some of their lost gold through the treasure missions. Not to mention, the inn or tavern also lets players recruit new garrison followers with a Treasure Hunter trait that increases the amount of gold offered from these missions.

In a post-expansion update, the garrison feature extended to the shipyard where players could commission ships for their docks. These ships are separate from the followers that work in the garrison and have their own naval missions to complete. Just like the followers with a Treasure Hunter trait, some ship crews returned with more gold from missions that rewarded it. Considering the shipyard has its own setup cost separate from the garrison, players needed even more gold to invest in the shipyard, a feature that unlocks the Tanaan Jungle.

The gold removal from World of Warcraft garrisons will definitely put a damper on those using their garrisons to generate the gold needed to buy a WoW Token. Many players were able to use their garrisons to pay for a subscription to the game, essentially making World of Warcraft free-to-play for those with enough in-game gold. Perhaps that is one reason for their removal as well.

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