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Newest Updates about World of Warcraft Movie

Many players have expected world of warcraft movie for a really long time, at some earlier time we have introduced the released date about the movie. Recently developers of the movie told that the movie will see first glimpse at Comic-Con 2015! More details can be checked here. And if you need wow gold, feel free to check on our website, as here is the safest place to buy wow gold.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Legendary Pictures confirms that the online game-inspired movie, shortened to “Warcraft” will finally unveil its first look during ComicCon 2015. The “World of Warcraft” panel will have their day on the spotlight on July 11, much to the excitement of loyal players of the game.

The film basically narrates the story of the Alliance and the Hordes and their conflict similar to the premise of the online game. Set in the world of Azeroth, the film will also see the interaction between the human and the Orcs.

Directed by Duncan Jones of “Source Codes,” the film shall feature household characters from the hit online game such as Durotan, Lothar, and Garona. The film adaptation of the popular online game was already announced way back in 2006 but took almost a decade before it was finalized due to seeming endless negotiation between Legendary Pictures and game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

Expected for a June 2016 release to worldwide theaters, director Duncan Jones confesses that he is just 50 visual shots away from the 1,000 shots the film needs for its completion. The movie’s visual effects are now being supervised by Bill Westenhofer and Jeff White. Filming of the movie wrapped up in May last year. Now that it is entering its post-production phase, fans can expect a swarm of spoilers to flood the internet soon.

Speaking candidly to Wired, Jones admits that directing the film was not a piece of cake for him because he had to balance two factors equally – the film should entertain the devoted fans of the gaming franchise and encourage those who do not play “World of Warcraft” to watch the movie.

More details about world of warcraft movie can also be checked on the official site. We will keep updating more details for you. And if you are looking for the best website to buy wow gold. Then you definitely do not want to miss our site. What’s more, you can get cheap wow gold here!

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