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New Timewalking Dungeons & Rewards Will Be Added Into Patch 6.2.3

Recently, according to the official announcement of Blizzard Entertainment, we can know that new Timewalking dungeons and rewards will be added into World of Warcraft patch 6.2.3. You can get the details from the following parts. By the way, our website definitely is a good choice to Buy WoW Gold. It is a safe way to buy wow gold at gdpgold.com.

Dungeons are going to be a focus for Blizzard as the studio prepares for Legion, and more details on how they are going to “expand the role and importance of dungeons” will be given at BlizzCon. In the meantime, however, this small patch makes some changes to dungeon romps in Warlords of Draenor.

During all Timewalking bonus events, players will also have a chance to loot an Infinite Timereaver mount, inspired by Murozond, the final boss of the End Time dungeon, from any Timewalking boss. The pool of dungeons for Timewalking events, which scale up old dungeons' loot and enemies to your level, will be expanded dramatically. Even if you don't need the armor or weapons that drop from Timewalking events, you'll have a new reward to find. A rare mount, Infinite Timereaver, will drop from any Timewalking boss. It's essentially a black drake that resembles the Infinite Dragons you've been fighting throughout various WoW expansions.

Valor will be making a comeback with 6.2.3, rewarded to players who take part in heroic and mythic dungeon runs, bonus events and once a week when you use the raid finder. Players who tackle Archimonde on heroic difficulty will be able to nab another mount. Defeat him and get a fragment of dark power that begins a quest, leading to the lovely reward of a fancy Grove Warden.

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