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New Feature about Tanaan Jungle in World of Warcraft

Blizzard entertainment recently is busy for testing the new version for world of warcraft, and the new feature is about the Tanaan Jungle, we would like to provide more details for this, and cheap wow gold is available on our website. If you want to get some wow gold, feel free to check and get via our website.

The most important for Tanaan Jungle is the ship if players want to explore the new zone, WoW allows players to build a Shipyard for the Garrison. Once the shipyard is finished, players can then launch an assault on Tanaan to build a forward base in two locations, either at Lion's Watch for alliance players or Vol'mar for the Horde. The ships and the shipyard itself can be replenished by materials rewarded for missions once the Tanaan Jungle is unlocked.

Tanaan Jungle will include seven new areas: The Iron Front to the west; Ruins of Kra'nak; Zeth'gol, where the capital of Bleeding Hollow is located; Felforge; Temple of Sha'naar; Ironhold Harbor; and finally, the Throne of Kil'jaeden.

And flying mounts are not available in new areas, Game company Blizzard has been known to think it over before deciding to scrap flying into new zones altogether, as the developer says it makes the in-game world "significantly smaller." The heart of Tanaan Jungle is where Hellfire Citadel lies, which is part of a new raid for "Wow" players. They can assault the place and encounter many enemies, including familiar ones such as Kilrogg Deadeye, a Mannoroth that seems to be back from the dead, and Archimonde himself.

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