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New Ashran Area in World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

Blizzard entertainment has released the patch 6.2 review for world of warcraft, The Ashran battleground’s objective is for one faction to kill the opposing faction’s leader. The factions are divided into the Horde and the Alliance. Before defeating a faction leader, several battles must be won by each of the factions. We are here to share more details with you. And if you want to get wow gold, remember to check on our website as we can provide cheap wow gold here! 

The Ashran Player versus Player, or PvP, zone now has a new area called the Ashran Excavation. It features a very large underground area. Competitive events are triggered randomly in this particular area. The goals for New Ashran area is to defeat the Arakkoa ghosts haunting the area and collect the Apexis Marks of Redemption. 

About the new Ashran area quests, here will introduce three major parts for you. Faction events and bosses will no longer give Conquest points as a reward after Patch 6.2. But strongboxes and Honor points will still be awarded to players. In order to gather more Conquest points, new quests in Ashran must be completed.  

 Ashran Dominance
 -Goal:  Win five events and kill the enemy faction boss
 -Reward: 500 Conquest points

Continue the Domination
 -Goal:  Win five events and kill the enemy faction boss
 -Reward: 500 Conquest points

Slay Them All!:  This is a weekly quest.
 -Goal:  Rack up 200 Honor kills
 -Reward: 200 Conquest points

Except for this three, Harrison Jones and Belloc Brightblade will also offer one quest each that will lead the players into the Ashran Excavation. If you want to know more details, feel free to check on the official site. And if you want to buy wow gold cheap or buy wow gold safe, remember to check on our site, you can definitely get what you want! 

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