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Mystic Runesaber Mount for World of Warcraft Is on Its Way

Many world of warcraft players has expected about Mystic Runesaber Mount for a very long time as it was first added in Patch 6.1 but hasn't been released to date. Now Blizzard has announced that it will be available starting on Wednesday. We will try to tell more details here and if you are interested about wow gold buy, can check on our site.

The mount is a purple tiger covered in runes and armor. Its tail and paws are crackling with energy. Pink translucent wings spring from its back when you try to fly. Blizzard has not released a price for the Mystic Runesaber. The Battle.net Shop usually sells mounts for $25, though. The exception is the Warforged Nightmare, which costs $30 to add to your collection. And wow gold for sale is available on our website. The addition of yet another premium mount led some players to complain on the game's forums. They found the timing of the mount's release suspicious too. As they point out, Blizzard had announced a significant drop in WoW's subscription just days earlier. As Blizzard points out, though, they've had the Runesaber in the works for a while. 

Some developers of the Mounts also explained about the delay: ‘Originally it was planned to release much earlier but we decided to wait as it'd potentially add some complexities while we're still trying to launch the WoW Token in all regions (Korea and Taiwan had the WoW Token launch yesterday, for example). So the next available release time frame was next week, and that's what we went with.’

For more details can head over the official site, we will also keep updating for you. By the way, wow gold is also available on our website. If you want to get some cheap wow gold, here will be a wonderful choice for you.

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