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More Fun And Interesting Ways to Get Mounts in World of Warcraft

The Garrison in world of warcraft will provide the most direct way to get reins on the 10 new mounts, eight of which are available via the Stables. But if you want to know more fun and interesting ways to get mounts, we would like to share with you. And buy cheap wow gold is available on our website. Welcome to check and buy some gold.

These six mounts are obtainable via quests that pop up in your Stables each day:
.Trained Icehoof
.Trained Meadowstomper
.Trained Riverwallow
.Trained Rocktusk
.Trained Silverpelt
.Trained Snarler

The quests will require you to track down wild beasts in various zones, lasso them, break them, and ultimately tame them and make them love you.

Once you have all six, you can take on the achievements Advanced Husbandry and The Stable Master. The first rewards an Armored Frostboar, and the second grants you the Armored Frostwolf. 

It’s also possible to obtain two more mounts using your Trading Post:
.Armored Irontusk (Alliance—requires Exalted with Sha’tari Defense)
.Ironside Warwolf (Horde—requires Exalted with Laughing Skull Orcs)

The most basic way to acquire any of these mounts is to hunt down the rare creatures that drop them, usually by spending some time in each of the spots where they are known to spawn:
.Bloodhoof Bull—dropped by Nakk the Thunderer in Nagrand
.Great Greytusk—dropped by Gorok in Frostfire Ridge
.Mottle Meadowstomper—dropped by Luk’hok in Nagrand
.Sapphire Riverbeast—dropped by Silthide in Talador
.Sunhide Gronnling—dropped by Poundfist in Gorgrond
.Swift Breezestrider—dropped by Pathrunner in Shadowmoon Valley

If you want to know and get more ways to get the mounts can check on the official site. We will keep updating for you if there is any news. By the way, wowgold is available on our website. Here will be the best choice for you to get cheap wow gold. Come and have a try here!

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