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Maw of the Souls is the new dungeon of WoW:Legion

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment added a new dungeon to World of Warcraft:Legion called Maw of the Souls. You can get more details from the following parts. By the way, Cheap WoW Gold is available here. gdpgold is a professional site for WoW Gold. We guarantee the the cheapest wow gold and fast delivery. 

World of Warcraft: Legion" players attempted to run through the new dungeon, Feb. 11 and included in the two teams were European streamers Bellular, Treckie, Alex, Qelric and Loz. The North American members were Monkioh, Tattva, Towellie, Killars and Towelliee. The demonstration was broadcasted on Twitch, revealed ShackNews. Meanwhile, Blizzard sent out a player survey, which seems to let fans know of possible plans for an inevitable tie-in between WoW and the movie. The developers have reportedly called it the "Ultimate Movie Edition" and if one buys a ticket for the film, the viewer receives "World of Warcraft," a month of game time, one of a kind in-game item and all of its expansions, reported PCGamesN. 

The fantasy realm of the of Azeroth will be brought to the big screen by Duncan Jones, director of "Warcraft." Jones used 1994's "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans," as inspiration, cited the Chicago Sun Times. The game has a lot of characters and the director wants to satisfy the fanbase's expectations. Jones said there'll be lots of fantasy action in the film. 

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