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Mana-Tombs Timewalking Details in World of Warcraft

Blizzard keep releasing more details for Timewalking in world of warcraft patch 6.2. What we would like to introduce for today will be about the Mana-Tombs. And if you want to buy wow gold, our website definitely will be a good choice for you as we provide cheap wow gold here.

Battle.net reports that the Mana-Tombs Outland is located in Auchindoun, a grave-city beneath the Terokkar forests. It is where the draenei buried their dead. It was originally guarded by the Auchenai. Unfortunately, a shadowy cult invaded the city and released a monster from arcane captivity, which tore Auchindoun apart. The Mana-Tombs is considered a good place for "WoW" players to practice their cleanses and dispels.

Mana-Tombs Achievement: This can be obtained by completing the Mana-Tombs dungeon and beating its bosses.

Heroic: Mana-Tombs Achievement: This achievement is required for the Outland Dungeon Hero.

Consortium Reputation: This reputation can be earned by killing enemies in this particular dungeon.

Bosses list will be listed as below:
.Tavarok: This boss was summoned by Pathaleon the Calculator, as ordered by Kael'thas Sunstrider. Tavarok gathers the arcane energies in the Mana-Tombs. He has lost Pathaleon's corruption and is now acting on his own free will. Beware of his Crystal Prison, which can shave off a huge amount of a player's life while inside it.

.Nexus-Prince Shaffar: This boss is obsessed by the hidden treasures and mysteries of the Mana-Tombs. He even moved a large army of ethereals into the dungeon to keep his competitors away. Don't allow Nexus-Prince Shaffar's orbs to accumulate because it packs a deadly punch if it reaches a large number.

.Pandemonius: This boss is a Void Lord who is also known as the Worldslayer, the Duke of Chaos and the Eater of Nations. He used to be one of Dimensius' commanders until Nexus-Prince Shaffar bound him and forced him to serve the ethereals. Don't hit Pandemonius' shield.

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