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Latest Information of Legion Expansion

You must know the new expansion of WoW if you pay close attention to the World of Warcraft news. According to the official announcement of Blizzard Entertainment, we can know this new expansion named "Legion". Actually, it is the sixth expansion of World of Warcraft. You can get the latest information of Legion at gdpgold.com. Besides that, you can Buy WoW Gold from our website. 

According to the official news, we can know new class, maps and quests with Legion expansion. players will get to experience several new fun quests and adventures in the upcoming "Legion" expansion. The World of Warcraft: Legion expansion brings with it a new continent, the Broken Isles, which has been invaded by the Burning Legion. New dungeons and raids, a level cap of 110, a new Honor System, along with new Artifact Weapons and the Demon Hunter class.

According to the reports, "Legion: Beta" will let fans experience a new continent, which will be called Broken Isles.This continent may have been mentioned in "Warcraft 3," but this scenario has never been available to players before. New dungeons and raids, a level cap of 110, a new Honor System, along with new Artifact Weapons and the Demon Hunter class.

Besides that, the new class will have a mission of battling with Legion demons by exploiting their powers. We can know that the Demon Hunter class has two special abilities: Havoc and Vengeance from the official news. With a Demon Hunter harnessing the demons' abilities, the character can now do a double jump and exhibit gliding attacks. Other than the new class, the Legion expansion will also feature new dungeons and raids for players to explore.

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