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Information about The Final Boss for World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

We have Known that world of warcraft new patch will add several new changes and updates there. Players can check the details on the official site or the earlier posts on our website. What we would like to introduce for today is about the final boss of patch 6.2. And we can provide wow gold here, if you are looking for cheapest wow gold site

As the latest reports showed, patch 6.2 will feature the final assault in the Hellfire Citadel but the news did not end there just yet, according to the video leak from MMO Champion, players will have to face Archimonde as the final boss of this raid. Players leave comments and claimed they are very disappointed about this. Some said that was worst than Cata's ending cinematic.

Currently Blizzard entertainment has not given any word regarding the leaked trailer that showed the defeat of Archimonde. Fans of the game should not worry too much, however, as the popular MMORPG appears to be planning to offer a new expansion in the future. GameSpot reported in November of last year that they are planning to add more expansion for the IP. Although there have been no news or updates about the next expansion, the developer did trademark "Eye of Azshara," so that is something that gamers can still look forward to.

Azshara is known in the Warcraft lore as the "elven queen who used the Well of Eternity to summon Sargeras and the Burning Legion to Azeroth."

Let’s look forward to the new updates together. We will keep updating for you as soon as we got the new information. By the way, if you want to buy wow gold, our website will be the best choice for you as we can offer very cheap wow gold here!

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