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Have You Participated The World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha Test

If you often pay close attention to the latest World of Warcraft news, you must know The World of Warcraft: Legion alpha test is available now. Have you participated the test? What is the first thing you would like to do in the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha? Different players may have different opinions. No matter what you will do firstly, you must need good items and gears to participate the test. Cheap WoW Gold is necessary to all the players. You can buy wow gold safe here and we offer you wow gold for sale.

As we all know that Gnome Hunters are also available now. Besides that, with Blizzard instituting cleverly-tamed mechanical pets to make up for the fact that Gnomes are a staple of most Hunter pet classes’diet. The latest build may have unlocked two new zones and a dungeon to explore, but datamining sites are also previewing the class order halls.

Blizzard Entertainment have hotfixed World of Warcraft to update how Shipyards work and make a few quality of life improvements. Rare Naval Missions have an increased chance to appear. The bonuses provided by assist equipment, such as Ammo Reserves or Automated Sky Scanner, have been increased by 100%. Increasing the chance of success on a naval mission will now also decrease the chance a ship will be destroyed on failure. If the mission success chance is increased to 90% or greater, no ships will be lost on the mission.

The bonus chance to Mission success provided by Human or Undead crews will be 50% higher. The bonus chance to Missions success provided by a Pandaren crew will be 33% higher. The Pandaren Crew bonus will apply to Missions that are 12 hours or longer.

I know that all the players are looking forward to the coming of World of Warcraft: Legion. Our site will constantly update the related news for you. Remember to keep your eyes here. It is also a safe way to buy wow gold on our site. As a professional site for WoW Gold, we guarantee the safe wow gold. Our online customer services can help you if you have any question to Buy WoW Gold.

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