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Gnome Hunters Are Available in World of Warcraft: Legion

Attention please, Gnome Hunters are coming now. You could be a big game hunter in World of Warcraft: Legion. It is definitely an amazing news for the smallest residents in Azeroth. It is our pleasure to share this good news with you. You can get the detail information at gdpgold.com. By the way, as a professional site for WoW Gold, we also offer you cheap wow gold for sale. You can buy safe wow gold here.

Long at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in Azeroth, the inventive gnomes are finally ready to break out the big guns. Their propensity for things that go “bang” and knack for high-tech weapons like rocket launchers, high-powered rifles, and death rays make them perfect candidates for hunting down prey.

As we all know that Hunters have the ability to tame various animals in the game and use these pets as part of their overall offensive capabilities. What's more, Gnome Hunters will also be able to tame new mechanical pets. However, Gnomes are not getting actual pets, but mechanical ones, robots.

Along with their Goblin friends, Gnomes will be eligible for these new pets. But that's not all. The Gnome will actually be able to start with a Giant Robot pet which he will be able to bend to his will, or you could just think that the robot is programmed to do as the Gnome says,

Gnome Hunters officially arrive when Legion debuts. And while they are a race that doesn't seem very rooted in nature, given their preference for building their own gadget-filled areas somewhat removed from the outside world, they are pretty keen on making all sorts of crazy, advanced weaponry.

Gnome players can play the Hunter class in World of Warcraft: Legion. I believe that many players can't wait to have a try. Hope you guys could enjoy your game time. You should keep your eyes here if you want to know the news of World of Warcraft: Legion. We will constantly update the related news for you. Cheap WoW Gold is also available here. You can get fast cheap wow gold here.

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