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Fan Remade The Trail of The Warcraft Movie

We reported that World of Warcraft Film Will Be Released in Chinese on June 8. The movie seems to have recreated many environments, characters, weapons and more from World of Warcraft with a loving attention to detail. From the larger-than-life orcs to the majestic city of Stormwind, Warcraft truly does look to have brought the digital realm of Azeroth to life. More details are available in the following parts. By the way, you can also get the lowest price WoW Gold with 5 min delivery at gdpgold.com.

The credit goes to a YouTuber named Ivan Kuzkin who took the existing trailers of the movie and converted everything with the assets that come from the game. The result is a spot-on and beautifully crafted version that gamers would truly appreciate. Some may even consider him to make the movie in this version once it is released. The video also shows a glimpse of how he made it but did not go into details on the tools he used. It is only a stage-by-stage presentation of how he reached the end product.

This shot-for-shot recreation truly does hit it out of the park. Though it doesn't feature any of the dialogue from the trailer or the original trailer's music selection, the remake recreates all of the trailer's most memorable scenes: Lothar leaping onto the back of a gryphon, the orcs visiting Westfall, Gul'dan standing menacingly in front of the Dark Portal, an orc tossing a horse, the sweeping shots of the human capitol of Stormwind and massive armies of humans and orcs clashing in a field. It's all there and it all looks great rendered with World of Warcraft's signature visual style.

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