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Enjoy Game Time in ‘World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion

We all know that World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.0 had been released on June 23. The new patch is officially titled “Fury of Hellfire”. Players could experience the ‘World of Warcraft’ fun in ‘World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion. You can not miss gdpgold.com if you want to know the latest World of Warcraft news. In addition, you can Buy WoW Gold that can meet your requirements at bottom price from our website. Gdpgold.com is the safest place to buy wow gold

Actually, the “World of Warcraft: Legion,” which will be the sixth expansion to arrive since the release of the “World of Warcraft” game in 2004. It contained Tanaan Jungle and the Shipyard and provided players with a host of new gameplay options. Blizzard Entertainment has laid down the groundwork for its major effort to arrest the significant drop in the subscriptions that its massively multiplayer online role-playing game “World of Warcraft” experienced at the start of the year. It is obvious that the game developer has set its sight on recovering lost gamer subscription even as it strives to entice new ones in the process.

The biggest initiative that Blizzard is planning for the game is the development of its expansion pack “World of Warcraft: Legion” which it announced during the Gamescom 2015 held on August 5 to 9 at Cologne, Germany. Since its announcement last month “World of Warcraft: Legion” has become one of the most awaited strategy games that the generation is to come across with, notes Venture Capital Post. The expansion brings a variety of new features to the “World of Warcraft” MMORPG for existing players to enjoy and to entice new gamers to join in the fun. One of its immediate initiatives towards such end is to release updates or patches to the game, meant to bring new features and improve the game further. 

Anyway, hope all the world of warcraft fans could enjoy your game time in ‘World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion. gdpgold.com will constantly share the latest World of Warcraft news with you. Remember to keep your eyes on our website. By the way, you can also get Cheap WoW Gold here. Our website offers you wow gold for sale. Please contact with our online customer services if you have any question.

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